We will help you better customize coverage solutions and enhance service for healthcare facilities and medical laboratories. We can cover equipment such as MRI machines, CAT scanners and ultrasound machines.
We also provide Physical Damage coverage for the conveyance (via truck or trailer) of mobile units when equipment is integrated. We can also cover the loss of income if the mobile equipment is damaged by a covered cause of loss (including collision). In addition, Communication and Power Disturbance coverage is automatically included.

Broad, flexible and comprehensive coverages

Built-in coverages and extensions also include:

  • Debris Removal
  • Pollutant Clean Up and Removal
  • Fire Department Service Charge and Extinguishing Expense

Coverage options included with automatic limits that can be increased include:

  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Data Restoration Expense
  • Newly Acquired Property
  • Transit

Optional coverages for additional premium include:

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Flood
  • Earth Movement
  • Office Furniture & Fixtures (within the mobile unit or within the leased office building)