Claims-made professional liability for displaced, underserved or otherwise difficult-to-place physicians and surgeons. Program is written on a non-admitted (surplus lines) basis and targets Individual Healthcare Providers that hold either temporary or permanent license in the state(s) where they practice clinical medicine. Key policy form features of this program include:

  • Claim expenses inside limits
  • Claims-made and reported basis, demand coverage trigger (no circumstance reporting)
  • Minimum deductible of $5,000 applies to indemnity and defense costs
  • No consent to settle provision
  • Limited Extended Reporting Period option: 36 months, no reinstatement of limits, and additional premium based upon rates in use at time ERP option is exercised –there is no Death, Disability, or Retirement provision

We may provide vicarious liability coverage to the named policyholder’s corporation, partnership or professional association on a shared limits basis at no additional charge. Employed ancillary and miscellaneous medical personnel may be covered for their work performed on behalf of the named policyholder.


Key Coverage Limitations

Coverage exclusions include, but are not limited to, claims arising out of:

  • Activities of Locum Tenens, unless such Locum Tenens are underwritten and coverage is affirmatively granted by the company.
  • Any liability as a proprietor, superintendent, medical director, administrative or executive officer of any hospital, nursing home, sanitarium, clinic, outpatient surgery center, healthcare facility, laboratory (except if such laboratory is maintained by the named insured to test its own patients or is necessary to the practice of its specialty) or any emergency medical service.
  • Fee disputes.
  • The prescribing of drugs not approved by the FDA.
  • A medical or dental incident which took place when the policyholder’s license was not in effect.
  • Experimental/investigational procedures.
  • Activities as a member of any accreditation, standards review or other professional board or committee.
  • Sexual conduct.
  • Contractual liability

Punitive damages are also excluded.