The coverages you need most.

We provide aging services facilities with a range of essential coverages. Property coverage highlights for eligible and qualified insureds include:

Property of patients or residents
Coverage for residents’ personal property, other than money or securities, if lost or damaged at the care center in whichthey’re living.

Emergency vacating expense
Coverage for the reasonable and necessary evacuation expenses incurred as a result of vacating patients or residents out of a care facility because of an imminent danger arising from certain types of external events such as a hurricane, wildfires or flooding.

Limited water coverage
We provide coverage for damage to insured property caused by surface water, underground water, or sewer and/or drain back up.

Disease contamination
If public health authorities declare that there is disease contamination detected at your premises, where time element coverage is applicable, we provide coverage for loss of business income and extra expenses incurred during a period of restoration due to suspension or delay of operations
caused by disease contamination.

Fine Arts
Many facilities display fine arts for residents’ enjoyment. Our coverage for fine-arts items is available up to $100,000 per item.



Additional coverage.
We give you added flexibility to insure aging services facilities for certain losses due to:

• Employee theft
• Forgery
• Off-premises power failure and other business interruptions

Other key coverages include:

• General Liability
• Commercial Automobile
• Employee Benefits Liability
• Cyber Liability